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30% of national medical expenses, lifestyle diseases occupying 60% of causes of death and diseases of mind such as "depression" increase. Although it is the world's leading longevity power country, the elderly's bedridden years is the longest Japan in the world. Now, the health of our citizens is in great danger. It will not be in time after getting sick. Improving health from everyday life by promoting health promotion, to send lively and everyday life. And to realize a rich healthy longevity society. We propose a health management platform called "TAVENAL™ life" from the viewpoint of corporate management to national health and health strategies. We will contribute to the improvement of "health habits" of workers and the development of "health promotion environment" while supporting three elements of exercise, sleeping and healing around innovation of dietary habits.




The most important element of health promotion. Disturbance of dietary life causes various diseases. With our proprietary "TAVENAL™ Check ™", we visualize the deficient nutrients in the body. In addition to promoting behavioral change to food, we will provide office meals with a balanced nutrition.


Based on the analysis result of "TAVENAL Check™", advise on the optimal exercise method according to physical condition and constitution. We will work together with fitness to unify health care.


We introduce relaxation recommendation recommended for each physical condition such as massage by using "TAVENAL Check™" and IoT. Reduce mental and physical tiredness and enhance natural healing power.


Use "TAVENAL Check™" and IoT to advise on improving sleep habits. We also improve the quality of sleeping environment through joint development of applications and products that encourage sleep.



We developed a nutritionally balanced "Positioning Valve®" so that we can efficiently consume the insufficient nutrients clarified by "TAVENAL CHECK™" in the office. Literally, it is a boxed lunch that can be stocked in the office, and it has become possible to deliver deliciously and safely to any office nationwide by its own encapsulation technology that does not use preservatives. Moreover, we do not use chemical seasonings at all, we cherish the "power of nature" by materials selected as natural, pursuing the deliciousness of the original ingredients.


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[Press Release] Panasonic Co., Ltd. and the Corporation AIVICK will start a joint demonstration experiment toward the commercialization of office lunch solutions that take advantage of the IoT.

Panasonic Corporation (Head Office: Osaka Kadoma City, President: Tsuga Kazuhiro, below, Panasonic) and the Corporation AIVICK (Headquarters: Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, President: Yatsuda Tomoko, below, AIVICK) is, work hard business in order to support the health of the person in terms of diet, we start from today a joint demonstration experiment toward the commercialization of office lunch solutions that take advantage of the IoT.
Press release「AIVICK and Panasonic Start Demonstration Experiments of ’IoT x OKIBENR’ Office Lunch Solution」


Our service has been aired by the Yomiuri TV, "Aso wide to-Matane!".

TAVENAL™ OKIBEN service has been aired by the following media.
Media: Yomiuri TV "! Aso wide to-Matane"
Tsurabo News course: "I will introduce the company's lunch of the new wave" every valve "!"


Announcement of the merger

Ltd. AIVICK was merged with the Corporation Smiley, a group company.

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